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    Assets: $110,653,402
    Year Established: 1902
    Type: Bank
    FDIC Certificate #: 57803

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    My experience with Ally has been rather stellar., October, 2016

    I began using Ally bank about a year and a half ago. The application process was painless to a surprising extent. It took me five or six minutes to do so.

    I was suggested Ally for their above-average savings yearly interest. It was precisely as I expected.

    Their customer support has went far beyond my expectations. When dealing with banks, I'm generally disappointed in such an aspect. I figured it may even be more difficult given that Ally is purely online. However, my fears were quickly dispelled. I have had several minor issues, namely with adding a joint owner to a checking account, but their customer service resolved my issue and answered my question in an easy to understand manner.

    I was concerned about ATM fees, as ATMs are a must to use since it's Ally. But they re-compensated me for the majority of my fees. I am disappointed Ally only covers up to $10 of ATM fees, though.

    I applied for a relatively small auto loan ($15000), and it too was rather painless.

    • Auto Loans
    • Russellville, AR
    • 54 Year Old Male
    • Customer for 1 - 2 Years
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    It has been a good experience overall., June, 2017

    This bank provided me an auto loan when I tried to buy my first vehicle. That meant a lot to me because I was 21 years old, had no credit, and had a part time job, and still gave me a comparable interest rate that was not insanely high. They did not have to give me the loan, they were taking a chance on me and that is something that will stick with me forever. I would definitely recommend this bank to anyone in my community. The only problem I have with this bank is the the same problem I have at any bank. Interest rates. It bothers me that I "lend" the bank my money in my savings account and they pay me 1 percent interest but if I want an unsecured loan from them they will charge me five percent. That is insane to me but not uncommon for my bank. It is not there fault, it is the times we live in.

    • Auto Loans
    • Macclenny, FL
    • 26 Year Old Male
    • Customer for 3 - 5 Years
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